"Mission, Vision and Passion is my MVP!"

Patrick Polak
Managing Partner
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"Don't feel sorry for the initiatives that didn't work out; regret the ones you missed"

Frank Claassen
Managing Partner
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"Winning, is learning faster than anyone else!"

Mathijs de Wit
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"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing."

Geert Zanting
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"If you define the rice grain, we'll help you conquer the chess board."

Thomas Hannes
Investment Associate
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"Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall"

Jaap van Barneveld
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"Success is a choice"

Erik Aeyelts Averink
Venture Partner
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News on Investments - December 2017

Published: 11 december 2017

A new chapter, a new(ion) adventure... The launch of our Newion III fund during summer, our first Newion III investment and our planned move to Amsterdam in the beginning of January! As communicated earlier here is our new address:

Newion Partners B.V.
Hullenbergweg 278
1101 BV Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 8006 742

We have lots to share with you!! Read it all in our newsletter...


News on Investments - May 2017

Published: 31 may 2017

Summer is here, this News on Investments is a HOT issue! Without explaining too much, we look back on the years with Newion II, look forward to Newion III, introduce our newest family member and get info on how to build the perfect funnel for your advertising strategy...


News on Investments - December 2016

Published: 8 december 2016

With pleasure we introduce The Next Ad to you! Learn more about this interesting company. Hans Disch of 24i illustrates his view on adopting the changing TV paradigm. Meet our advisors and read about crowdfunding versus Venture Capital in Patrick’s blog. And last but not least, we want to share the latest developments within our portfolio with you! Enjoy!


News on Investments - July 2016

Published: 14 july 2016

We recently welcomed L1NDA to the Newion family! Learn more about L1NDA in this edition of the News on Investments. Be inspired while reading our view on getting the right funding. Read about focusing on customer retention and the importance of networking. And of course we also want to share the latest developments within our portfolio with you!