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APICBASE receives 1.5 million euro from Newion and existing investors

Published: 19 june 2019

ANTWERP / AMSTERDAM, 19 June 2019 - APICBASE, the international supplier of cloud-based food management software, announces that it has received € 1.5 million in growth capital in an investment round led by Newion. The capital injection will be used to expand the team to 50 FTEs, locally and internationally, to meet the growing customer demand.

APICBASE offers a food management platform that combines culinary excellence with technological efficiency. With APICBASE, businesses in the food service market can automate and optimize their kitchen and related processes, resulting in maximum profitability.

Among the 200+ customers in 18 countries are food groups, cooking institutions, global caterers, local restaurants, star restaurants and restaurant chains. Thanks to the APICBASE food management platform, these companies maintain a focus on gastronomic quality, creativity and passion, while achieving maximum returns.

Frank Claassen, Managing Partner at Newion: ”APICBASE is a fast-growing innovative company that operates in a dynamic market. Convenience is the new trend. Food safety legislation and regulations are becoming stricter and attention to what we eat, including allergens and nutritional values, is increasing. With APICBASE, the gastronomic world can meet all wishes and requirements from one single software platform.”

Carl Jacobs, CEO of APICBASE: “We are very excited about the collaboration with Newion. They have a very strong reputation as consulting Venture Capitalists and they are well known in the world in which we operate. Their approach is with an open mind and that fits with how we treat our customers: always solution-oriented.”

APICBASE's mission is to support professional companies in the food industry, ranging from small restaurants to globally active caterers and food producers with an innovative all-in-one solution for optimizing their culinary processes. Not only kitchen teams, but also marketing, sales and management can work much more efficiently and with more quality with the APICBASE food management platform.

Companies can manage their ingredients, including allergens and nutritional values, costs, inventory, recipes and menus, as well as generate supplier orders and gain valuable insights into the popularity and profitability of dishes.

Based in Antwerp, APICBASE cooperates with (star) restaurants such as De Pastorale (Belgium), El Celler De Can Roca (Spain) and the Thomas Keller group (United States). APICBASE also works with multinationals as Sodexo, Lunch Garden, Foodmaker and Penta Hotels.

The software is visually supported by a photo studio, exclusively for the professional kitchen. APICBASE was the first to launch a photo studio specifically designed for the culinary professional and the success was immediately overwhelming. Every month 15,000 new photos and 4,500 recipes are created using the APIC Studio and APICBASE.

Ga naar www.apicbase.com voor meer informatie.