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e-Ticketing as a service platform Oxynade N.V. raises €1.8 Mio from Newion Investments

Published: 2 may 2017

Ghent, April 2017 – Oxynade offers an unique online ticketing self-service platform (eTaaS) for event organizers (fairs, festivals, parties), venue owners, theatres, theme parks, arenas, etc. With its eTaaS platform (eTicketing as a Service) Oxynade provides a topnotch ticketing technology including a complete set of back office services including payment processing, helpdesk etc. to organizers, to call centres and to ticket buyers and administration. All services are executed 100% “white label” under the brand name of the partners in multiple languages and currencies across Europe. Oxynade is already active in 8 countries and with the investment and support from Newion it will further internationally expand its market with the goal to become market leader. With this next step in Oxynade’s development, Arkafund and Vinnof will end their shareholding.

Unique position
As a ticketing service provider, Oxynade, saw the potential as a leading vendor in the new white label eTaaS market (eTicketing as a Service). Like Oxynade the majority of ticketing companies have their own software. By offering a full software suite, ticketing companies can have the most up-to-date ticketing software, based on the newest standards and technologies, without any major up-front investments. This enables ticketing companies to focus on their core activity: selling tickets.

The eTaaS business of Oxynade shows some promising results that confirm the growing demand for third party software within the ticketing business. Oxynade has an unique first mover position within the market. Next to their activity as a ticketing service provider, Oxynade will extend its activity as an eTaaS supplier and further strengthen their product.

Patrick Polak, Managing Partner at Newion Investments: “We strongly believe in the team of Oxynade and are impressed by their strong combination of vision and execution. With our knowledge of B2B software companies we can help Oxynade grow towards international market leadership!”

Hans Nissens, founder and CEO of Oxynade: “Newion Investments is the perfect partner for Oxynade to accelerate European growth. We’re excited about Newion’s cooperation with its portfolio companies. This is a 100% match with the Oxynade strategy and will enable us to achieve the number one position in the eTaaS market even faster.”

About Newion Investments – www.newion-investments.com

Newion has been one of the most successful investment companies in its sector since it was founded in 2000. Portfolio companies include Collibra, Nallian, iWelcome, Reasult, 24iMedia, CustomerGauge, Instant Magazine, L1nda and The Next Ad. Now investing from its third fund with a value of € 50 million, Newion focuses on business technology and software companies in the Benelux. The cornerstone investor in Newion II is the European Investment Fund, which supports innovative companies through the EU ‘Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme’ (‘CIP’).

About Oxynade – www.oxynade.com

Oxynade, based in Belgium, offers a state-of-the-art online ticketing self-service platform for event organizers, venue owners, theatres, theme parks, nightclubs, sport clubs, etc. Besides Belgium Oxynade is covering already 7 more European countries. All of those partnerships are based on the same Oxynade white label ticketing technology, focused on local ticketing needs and are targeting other segments. Oxynade is not just a technology provider to leading ticketing brands in the market. The company also provides a complete set of backoffice services including payment processing, helpdesk to organizers, call center to ticket buyers and administration.


Media Contacts – for further information please contact:

Hans Nissens
tel: +32 9 277.92.79
mob: +32 495 16.68.28

Newion Investments
Patrick Polak (+31 (0)513 640 633)