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Newion invests in MaPS System

Published: 23 april 2014

PRESS RELEASE for immediate publication


Luxembourg, 24 April 2014 – Luxembourg-based software company MaPS (multi-channel marketing master data management system) announced today a capital increase of $ 1.7 million bringing the total amount of investment in the company over $ 3 million. The investment will be used to scale up the organization to meet the rapidly increased market demand and expanding into new countries.

MaPS solves a significant and growing market pain by supporting retailers in managing multiple sales channels, covering the gaps left by ERP systems as well as the front end - and web shop applications. Based on consecutive quarters of double-digit growth and increasing spread in its customer base, MaPS is a validated solution in a growing market, confirmed by Forrester as well as Gartner.

Thierry Muller, CEO of MaPS, expressed he is delighted with the arrival of Newion Investments as a new shareholder. ‘MaPS claims the position of market leader in the multi-channel software market and wants to expand to reach its full potential. An experienced and professional software investor like Newion Investments will enable us to achieve this goal and further develop our business.’ Thierry continues: ‘Now in combination with our local investors (Chameleon Invest - a Luxembourg seed-capital fund led by Business Angels), Newion adds another powerful element in MaPS continued success and identifying new opportunities’.

Jean Yves Hergott, Partner of Chameleon Invest and active business angel stated: ‘Chameleon’s goal is to provide capital and know-how to support promising companies with innovative technology and build a sustainable European hotspot that attracts talent and opportunities to Luxembourg. We have focused on maximizing value through sustainable and responsible management to make our portfolio companies investor-ready and attract the right venture capital partners. I am convinced we succeeded in our mission by bringing MaPS and Newion together.

Frank Claassen, Partner of Newion, said: ‘We were introduced to MaPS by Chameleon a few years ago and have been watching its development closely. I am impressed with what has been accomplished and surprised no local VC had entered to date. We consider our investment in MaPS to be a valuable addition to our portfolio and we are confident we can add significant value to its further development. This market growth and new opportunities abroad means that we expect MaPS as a high quality product to be able to achieve further substantial growth over the coming years.’

Axel Muller, Partner of Malta ICI SA, said: ‘Malta ICI’s goal is to provide seed - or startup capital plus a supportive environment to help projects to born and gradually grow and have development and success. We have reached our goal in this matter with MaPS who will grow to a worldwide marketleader in his business. The entrance of Newion in the capital of MaPS SA will bring the company to another level and to find new opportunities.

About MaPS – www.maps-system.com
Today more than 20 companies in Europe ranging from industry, retail to market places are using the software products of MaPS. MaPS System covers in one suite all the needs of e-Procurement – Data and Media Management – Print and Digital publications and CRM. The MaPS System is a configurable system, which is managed by our customers without scripting or development. A short setup period and a guaranteed flexible system can be adapted to future evolutions and needs. Last but not least: a reasonable price to help customers to jump in the multi- and omni- channel business.

About Newion Investments – www.newion-investments.com
Newion has been one of the most successful investment companies in its sector since it was founded in 2000. Its portfolio includes LeanApps, Collibra, iWelcome, Reasult and Vector Fabrics. Newion is investing from its third fund with a value of € 50 million, and focuses on business technology/software companies in the Benelux. The most important investor in Newion II is the European Investment Fund through the European Union’s ‘Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme’ (‘CIP’).

For further information please contact:

Newion Investments, Frank Claassen:
T +31 (0) 513 640 633
E claassen@newion-investments.com
W www.newion-investments.com

MaPS, Thierry Muller:
T +352 661 761 861
E thierry.m@maps-system.com

Chameleon Invest SCA, Jean – Yves Hergott:
T +352 621 221 009
E jeanyves@chameleoninvest.com

No information will be released about the details of the transaction.