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Oxynade rebrands after successful ETAAS launch

Published: 8 december 2017

By IQ on 08 Dec 2017 - Since launching its eTicketing as a Service (eTaaS) service earlier this year, Belgium-based Oxynade has secured ten new partners and overhauled its corporate identity.

Oxynade, a 100% white-label ticketing partner, has undergone a real transformation. After the successful international launch of eTicketing as a Service (eTaaS), the need arose to rebrand the whole company’s look and feel.

Oxynade offers an all-round ticketing system that is based on the current top-notch technologies such as GraphQL, Node JS and React. Including a fully equipped back office, box office and specialised features, like a flow management system (FMS), the platform can cover the needs of a broad range of verticals. This allows their partners in the ticketing sector to grow their business and reach possibilities that were out of scope before.

Having a white-label solution within its core, where Oxynade customises its solution and makes it a part of their clients’ own brand, turned out to be a real hit. With new players like artists, music promoters and even tour operators getting involved in ticketing, white label is just the way to go.

Since its eTaaS solution was launched at the beginning of this year, Oxynade has already expanded its portfolio with ten new ticket agencies. The Netherlands, Germany, the Baltics and even South Africa are just a few of the countries the company has conquered.


New brand
The first thing to be noticed is the new logo mark and logo type (pictured). The logo mark is a typographical play on the combination of the first three letters of Oxynade: “Oxy”. In the logo type these first letters stand out as well, followed by a softer “nade”.

Something else that jumps out are the vibrant colours. Oxynade’s CEO Hans Nissens explains the need for these changes and the reasoning behind it.

“With all of our successes we’ve scored the last few months, we wanted them to be reflected in a new visual appearance of the logo, website and overall brand,” says Nissens. “We’ve chosen the dynamic and playful tones of the primary colours blue, green, yellow, red and black because we work in an energetic and vivid sector. In the IT business, the use of colour is often rather dark. We wanted to stand out where our solution stands out as well. We’ve chosen different colours instead of one. That stands for the diversity in our solution: an international white-label approach for different verticals.

“It’s not only the appearance that has been taken care of. We’re already working on completely redesigning the whole platform, taking into account the newest user experience knowledge. It is still a work in progress but the first versions that have been made are very promising. The main focus of this improvement is to increase the ease of use of our platform, since we have a lot of features.”